Give me a call at 256-880-2277 or email me with your ideas, photos, posters, etc of designs you like. International customers can call me via SKYPE ID "m_charness". We'll talk about the colors, special effects, and overall design. No money is required up front! You'll ship me your helmet (UPS insured is suggested). If you don't already have a design picked out, we'll talk about your ideas and I will take digital photos of your helmet, overlay a draft design on it and email it to you for your approval. Once you give me the go-ahead, I'll get started. Unless I've told you I'm backlogged, normally in about 3 to 4 weeks I will email you a photo of your nearly completed helmet while it is in final cure after clearcoat. You'll then mail me the payment including return shipping cost, and I send you your new work of art!

Prices on designs range from $275 for a single-color helmet to as high and wild as you want to go. Most of the designs you see on the examples page range from $395-$595, though a full Michael Schumacher or Kimi Raikkonen style paintjob including all the ads can go up well over $700. Single-colored painted logos (and almost all of the logo artwork you see in my gallery is painted instead of stickers or decals) are generally $25, or usually $20 per color each if multiple colors, or $10 per multiple color for the second one if the same logo is used on the opposite side of the helmet. Minor repairs to used helmets usually add about $20, and if your helmet has separate parts that need to be painted such as removable vent covers, spoilers, wickers, lips or fins, they usually add $25 each (though smaller ones often look fine left their original white or black) if single color, or substantially more if they have to be integrated into the design patterns with multiple colors ($20-$25 per color per piece). If you want a visor sticker, it's $20 for single-color custom cut lettering curved and applied to your visor, and I'll also give you a spare. Full color custom curved logo visor strips either laser-printed/laminated or vinyl-lettered are $30 for two. Logos, names and numbers can be added to any design, and except in rare occasions they're always painted -- I don't like to use decals, stickers, colored tape or vinyl under the clearcoat unless absolutely necessary -- and having those details all done in paint gives you some extra bragging rights!

Whatever you decide on, you can be sure that I'll give your helmet paint job the same attention I give to my own. When your helmet looks so good that I would like to keep it for myself, that's when I know it's the quality you'll be happy with!

Always call first for availability (since sometimes I'm quite backlogged, or I'm travelling). Shipping address for your helmet is:

Mike Charness
c/o EMCEE Co.
3 Ridge Bluff Cir SE
Huntsville, AL 35803

Keep in mind that I'll normally be shipping your helmet back to you the same way you sent it to me. It is best if you use your factory-original boxes if you have them. Helmets are usually shipped in an inner box (often 12x12x12) and an outer box aproximately 1 inch larger. Do *not* send your helmet in a box so tight that it bulges. If you do, that will not be suitable for the return trip with fresh paint, and there will be a $25 charge for new double-boxing. If you do not use an outer box and the single box isn't suitable for the return trip without the extra protection of an outer box, there will be a $15 charge. We don't want your helmet to get damaged on its way back to you!

It hasn't happened yet, and hopefully never will, but if payment isn't made by customer within 30 calendar days after notification that the job has been completed and photos emailed, the helmet may be sold and/or repainted to recover costs.
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