These are just some of the colors and specialty paints we have readily available. Of course, these scanned images and digital representations can't be fully accurate, and don't properly show off the special effects paints such as metalflakes, pearls, irridescents and chameleons. Colors and effects are much more vibrant in person! But this should give you the general idea.

The "semi-opaque", "detail", "irridescent", "pearlized", "fluorescent" and metallics are most commonly used as base and pattern colors. The "transparent" colors are usually used for shading or highlighting. The "candies" are ultra-translucent colors that are usually used over a silver or gold base. The "hi-lite" and "chameleon" paints can be used over any other paint for special effects. The "sparkle" paints can be used over other paints in a light misting to add a complementary or contrasting sparkle, or can be used heavily as a stand-alone base/pattern color.